Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wizard Con 2013

Bridgette and I were featured on Nerdlocker.com

This was my second year at Wizard Con representing Powerhouse Animation at our studio's information booth.  I had a good time and met some interesting people.  Next year I'm thinking about having a table for The Adventures of Dr. Blah-kman & Mr. Meow.  I'd sell prints, posters, plushies, t-shirts, and pickles.  I'm also thinking about suggesting a few ideas for things to sell at PHA's booth next year.  On the other hand I could just scrap all of that and just run around in a unitard.  Ya know, do what everybody else there is doing.

Super Girl
Alice in Wonderland Family
Lego Star Trek

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's a Small World After All!

Today Disney Interactive announced the release of a new animated series for "It’s A Small World” and credits Powerhouse Animation Studios!  I am so proud to be doing work on this project.  I've been having a blast doing lip sync, animation, clean up, and post production along with the rest of the PHA team.  Other people working on this awesome project include Kellan Stover, Megan Kluck, and Adam Conarroe, and a whole bunch of other awesome animators and visual effects artists.  Keep an eye out for the soon to be released episodes.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A different life.

I'm so ready to let go of this acrimony you cause in me.
I'm so ready to live a different life.
The pain you pretend is real for me.
The need to live a different life.
Level my heart, rip out my soul.
Tear me limb for limb so the outside matches the inner being.
Give me one more trial, one more tribulation.
Give me that final reason to let go.
I'm so ready to live a different life.