Friday, May 22, 2015

Nyk's 2014 Demo Reel

This year I finally took the time edit and release my updated demo reel. The last reels I did (3D reel and 2D reel) were for my graduation from Ai Houston in 2010. This demo reel gives a taste of some of the really fantastic jobs I was able to be a part of while working for Powerhouse Animation Studios in Austin, Texas. Below I've included a detailed shot list. Enjoy.

1. Grammaropolis: In this shot I did the animation and lip sync for the blue noun and the orange adjective characters using Adobe Flash. I also did the post production for the entire project using Adobe After Effects. The effects showcased in this clip are fire elements added to the building, smoke, and an 8mm film grain and grunge.

2. Sex Eddie: This piece was a freelance job I did via my own company, Truncheon M Productions for the Center for Sex Education. Dr. Karen Rayne designed Sex Eddie and asked me to polish and digitize him for the center. This birthday cake animation was a present for the center's CEO Bill Taverner. You can see the progress of Sex Eddie in my post here, and another ad I did for the CSE about Bill here. I also created the 2014 CSE conference program. So thanks to Karen Rayne, Bill Taverner and the CSE.

3. Danny Bonaduce: Every animator knows that one of the hardest things to do well is a scrolling background. Especially one done at this perspective. I was given the artwork for this scene and asked to "make it work". I used Adobe Flash to piece together buildings and animate the scrolling background which I then took into Adobe After Effects and added in Danny, his car, the cop car in the background which I added squad car lights to, and lamp posts. I really enjoyed doing the lighting effects on this and the next shot.

4. Danny Bonduce continued: This scene includes some simple head light animation done in AE, blinking porch light, and a nice little animation of the cars stop.

5. Fuck a Therapist: Can we take a moment to just appreciate that stick figures are just fun! Stick figures that curse, act insane, and violent are just a step above in the enjoyment level of an animator. I really enjoyed working on these jobs. In this scene I did the animation, character setup and lip sync.

6. Fuck a Therapist continued: Lasers make things better! In this shot I used Adobe After Effects to animate the heart, laser, fire, and smoke effects. Another animator is responsible for the character animation. If you'd like to see more of my special effects and character animation work on these you can see them on this blog. I also enjoyed doing all of the sound effect work on this particular project.

7. Brain Chase: Here I used Adobe After Effects to create the film grain treatment as well as the Sepia tone. I also play the voice for the character Max in this series. It was a super fun project to be a part of.

8. 21 Years: Richard Linklater: To achieve this popup story book form I used motion scripts and a 3D camera in Adobe After Effects. It really brought to life artwork provided to me by the rest of the team in Kevin Smith's part of this documentary animated by Powerhouse Animation.

9. Grantland: Doing the character animation for this project was fantastic. How could you not enjoy animating Dave Chappel and Prince? In this scene I used Adobe Flash to do the character animation and lip sync for the three characters shown, as well as some of the art work for their character set ups. Specifically arms, hands, mouths, and pancake art.

10. Coca-Cola: My few seconds of fame became real when I was able to do character animation and lip sync for the coca-cola polar bear in this commercial using Adobe After Effects.

11. Grantland: Using Adobe Flash I animated both characters in this scene, did their lip sync, and drew quite a few of their arm, hand, and mouth shapes. Working under Shane Minshew I really learned to embrace the smear technique.

12. Ted Ed: Ted Talks are amazing! Ted Ed is yet another great concept teaching people really awesome things. I was so honored to work on three pieces for Ted Ed while with Powerhouse Animation. This one explained the Higgs Field. In this scene I used Adobe After Effects to create a sparkle effects around the nobel prize, a 3D camera for the motion, and a shine effect to really bring out the prize glow!

13. Ted Ed continued: In this Ted Ed the subject was ice. Here we see an Adobe After Effects scene using a 3D camera a wiggle script and a lot of patience! I really enjoyed the way this scene turned out. It was so much fun working with my team members artwork to create these simple yet exciting effects.

14-15. Ted Ed continued: This piece was about understanding geological time. In this scene I drew the artwork for the earth and animated it (him?) in Adobe Flash, and did the compositing in Adobe After Effects. I also did the swirl transition, lighting effects, and page turn transition in AE.

16. Grantland: Using Adobe After Effects I created the amazing club lighting, 3D camera motion, depth of field, blur, and layering in this shot.

17. Grantland: Here I used AE to make the rocket flare/stream and animate the lift off.

18. Grantland: Character Animation and lip sync using Adobe Flash.

19. Grantland: I used Adobe After Effects for the lighting, camera movement, scene layering, fog effect, and camera flashes. To do the artwork, character set up, and animaton for the crowd I used Adobe Flash. Someone else animated the walleyed guy doing the robot, but how hilarious is that dude?

20. Ted Ed continued: More Ted Ed After Effects. These were just so much fun and so cool looking I couldn't help but include them a few times.

21. Epic Mickey 2: On this video game project I worked on a few scenes as a clean up artist. It was my job to refine the animators work and get it ready for the compositing team. I had the privalege of working on a Mad Doctor scene as well as a few with Mickey, Oswald, and the cows.

22. Grammaropolis: In this shot I did the After Effects sepia to color treatment, the camera motion, and the text animation, as well as the sparkle effect.

23. Grantland: Using Adobe After Effects I did the lighting effects and animation, the smoke effects, and the camera movement for this scene.

24. Fuck a Therapist: In this scene I did the character animation (another great smear) and lip sync on the right half of the screen in Adobe Flash and the compositing for the whole scene in After Effects.

25. Pains of being pure of heart: I used Adobe After Effects and the script editor to create a sound meter effect timed to the volume of this really cool music video.

26. Grammaropolis: This scene was actually the first time I did the same effect as the previous scene for the Grammaropolis project.

27. Joan Mayo: I did the TV static effect for this scene in Adobe After Effects as well as the compositing for the overall project.

28. Ted Ed continued: Here I was responsible for the character animation as well as some character and background artwork. I drew several arms, hands, and finger nails for this shot. I also did the overall compositing, and text animation.

29. Grammaropolis: Those anime eyes - all me baby! Adobe After Effects flare and a little wiggle expression.

30. Grantland: Using Adobe Flash I animated both characters in this scene, did their lip sync, and drew quite a few of their arm, hand, and mouth shapes. I also drew and animated that little tear effect - subtle but humorous.

31. Fuck a Therapist: And we finish off the reel with another clip from FAT. I drew that fedora, and that bitchin' yellow coffee mug (an ode to PHA), aniamated both characters and all of the blood.

So that's it! Hope you enjoyed my work. Thanks to all of the other animators, compositors, background artists, and friends who worked on these projects with me. What I did looked so much cooler as a result of your work.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jersey Mike's Subs

I love the Turkey and Provalone sandwich with classic potatoe chips and a root beer. It's simple, tastey, and never disappoints.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lucy's Fried Chicken

It feels very much like Lucy's Fried Chicken is one of those trendy places that native Austinites love to hate. The impression is that the want to be dive is trying hard to feel like something other than what it is - overpriced and a bit pretentious.

It's funny how even a large menu can sometimes feel limiting. For example, the smallest order of fried chicken was a four piece basket for $9.50. This seemed a bit odd to me. What if I only want one or two pieces and a side? Since I was there with a small group, we each ordered something different and shared.

There are four things I must order if they are available. These are in order of importance; fresh squeezed limeade or lemonade, fried okra, queso flameado, and macaroni and cheese. Much to my delectation, Lucy's had three of these things! 

The "fresh" squeezed lemonade was only a step above straight from the box minute maid. I'm assuming that it was not from a soda fountain only because I was told as much and want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The fried chicken was mostly dark meat and incredibly greasy. Now granted, fried chicken should be greasy, otherwise it's just baked chicken and that's a whole other beast (well, same beast, different dish). This, however, made church's chicken look healthy. The pieces were small and didn't have much meat. I will say this though, the breading was pretty fantastic! I enjoyed the skin more than the actual meat, the very opposite of my usual take on this dish.

The mac n cheese was what made the meal. It was a good size portion of rich cheese and noodles topped with breadcrumbs. It easily made my top ten list for good macaroni, which it well should for $8.50.

We also shared an order of the corn bread muffins for $4.95. Call me crazy, but I like a traditional corn bread. It makes me happy. The inclusion of jalepanoes wouldn't have bothered me if it had been listed on the menu. I would also have enjoyed trying the tequila butter (just for kicks) but they forgot to bring it out with the basket, so we didn't bother to ask for it.

All in all Lucy's fried chicken felt over priced and underwhelming. Our server didn't have much of a sense of humor (something of a must to survive waiting tables) and the food wasn't exciting enough for the cost. I might be willing to give it another chance, if someone else is willing to paying.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The End

Every single cell in my body hurts today.