Thursday, August 29, 2013

TEDEd- Four ways to understand the Earth's age

I had the pleasure of doing the After Effects work on this piece.  I also animated the scene where the female scientist files her nails.  Mmmm, look at that fancy TV!

Watch it on the TedEd sight here!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TED ED - Higgs Field, explained

I love Ted Talks!  I find them utterly fascinating.  Getting the chance to animate and do post production on three segments for the new project TedEd has been very exciting.  In this piece our team explains the Higgs Boson and Higgs field.  I animated two characters in the crowd scenes, including the dude straightening his tiny tie, and some circles and rope!  I was also the vfx artist on this piece, working in After Effects to create fireworks, Nobel prize fairy dust, and a few transitions here and there.  Enjoy! 
Watch it on the TedEd sight here!