Thursday, April 23, 2015

Breast Surgery

Needles and blood cause an intense physical and psychological reactions that include crying, vomiting, and losing consciousness for me. This past Thursday I had surgery to remove a 2.6 cm lump from my left breast. The hardest part of the actual day of was having the IV placed in my right hand. The nurse was gentle and quick, and I had someone there who knew how to comfort and distract me in such a way as to minimize the chaos of the ordeal. I will never be able to thank this person enough.

Coming out of surgery I looked pretty rough. Apparently I thought I was ready to go home at this point. We left a few hours later, once I could hold down crackers and water.

This is what my breast looked like after the water proof bandage was removed several days after the surgery. Today was my follow up exam. The strips will be removed this coming Tuesday.

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