Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

This year I thought I'd dress as our company mascot for the Powerhouse Costume Contest.  I used sheets of styro foam from Home Depot ($9) hot glued together to make a block.  Then I shaved that into form with a house hold box cutter.  Once the nose and chin looked decent enough (did this part in one evening) I hot glued yellow felt ($5) to the styro foam for skin tone and that wanna-be Muppet look.  Next I used a sheet of black crochet plastic mesh ($.59) for the eyes, eye brows, and mouth (in order to be able to see).  The helmet is a plastic army helmet from Pary City ($.99) spray painted yellow ($4).  The gloves ($14.99) are also from Pary City, which I intended to dye but didn't chance after reading the directions.  Then one plain blue button up shirt and some re-use Mario overalls, and there ya go!  Mr. Powerhouse.
sculpting the styrofoam
testing the head fit
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Update: totally scored 2nd place, woo!

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